APOLLONION, a leading Greek company in the production of pastry and confectionery products, has developed a chain of stores of the same name, known to all as “APOLLONION”. In order to offer daily tasteful choices to the consumer, it currently maintains 27 APOLLONION stores in key points of the greater Athens area and is constantly growing.

At the same time, APOLLONION also deals with the wholesale sale or “FOOD SERVICE”, supplying with its products a wide range of companies such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, airlines, canteens of hospitals, universities, factories, schools, businesses, etc.

With a unique production and operation concept in Greece and using only branded, certified and high-quality raw materials, from the best companies in Greece and Europe, APOLLONION offers to the Greek consumer fresh, healthy and tasty products, in a huge variety, able to meet all his nutritional needs and taste preferences.